Client Testimonials And Reviews

Brian W.

"Earlier this year I had an accident which put me in a position where I could've been facing some serious time, not in jail, but in prison.
Not my idea of a vacation, no doubt it overwhelmed me, just the thought of it makes me quiver, it was at this point that I knew I had no choice, but to retain counsel.
I had no idea who to retain, so a friend of mine recommended Mr. Michael Greene, I trusted my friends advice and hired him. Mr. Greene from the very beginning put my mind at ease, not an easy task considering the possible outcome I was facing. To sum it up, 1. He was very efficient time wise, court came up quick. We all have a right to a speedy trial.
2. The fee Mr. Greene charged was extremely reasonable.
3. What he did was amazing no doubt-No jail time, a minor fine, reduced the charge to something that was rather insignificant, no probation, nothing on my record, keep in mind this could've been a felony.
4. He basically made this tragedy disappear!

If you are ever in a bind and legal counsel, you would be out of your mind to choose any other attorney than Mr. Michael Greene.
To Mr. Greene, I thank you for your services, there is no possible way any other attorney could've done what you did, I owe you an enormous debt of gratitude.
I highly recommend Mr. Michael Greene as your best choice for legal counsel!"

Nicolás F.

"Criminal lawyer Michael Greene helped me get my drug charges dropped, I am very happy because I can now live my life again, in my opinion, he is the best criminal defense lawyer in Atlanta GA"

-C.W. Caldwell

"Mr. Greene is an excellent lawyer."

David Crawford

"I have known Mr. Greene for over 10 years. When I was President of the Sandy Springs Bar Association and President of the Alpharetta Lions Club, I was always happy to see Mr. Greene participating in our luncheons/dinners and events. Mr. Greene was always supportive of my efforts within both of these organizations. Mr. Greene was very active and supportive of his step-son’s Boy Scout Eagle Badge projects. And, I have witnessed Mr. Greene to be a hardworking individual, both, personally and professionally. He is very pleasant and engaging in conversation and is fluent in Spanish. His training and vast experience will allow him to help you with whatever case you are facing."

J. Rodriguez

"Charges dropped on a charge that was really about to ruin my life."


Oliver M.

"I highly recommend him, if you need a criminal defense attorney!"