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michael f. greene attorney at law

Michael Greene, Attorney at Law

Michael Greene, Attorney at Law has achieved exceptional results for his clients for 25 years in criminal defense and personal injury in Atlanta, GA and greater Atlanta. Michael Greene offers affordable payment plans and will look for cases to be resolved as soon as possible. Greene will work on your side to build a strong and compelling case. 

As a lawyer Michael Greene has more than 25 years of experience helping people who have injuries from a car wreck accidents receive all the compensation they deserve.

As a criminal defense lawyer in Atlanta Georgia, the assessment of criminal law matters are conducted with attention to detail and it is vital to start early. Michael Greene will put 25 years of experience of practicing criminal defense law on your side.


"Mr. Greene is an excellent lawyer."

-CW Caldwell

"I have seen that Mr. Greene is a hard worker, both personally and professionally."

David Crawford, Attorney at Law

"He is very professional and seems to really care! He is respectful"

  -F. Hernandez