Aggravated Assault in Georgia

Assault and Battery Criminal Defense in Georgia

An assault charge is a very serious matter that can result in heavy fines and time in jail if you are found guilty. That's why an assault charge must be taken seriously by both the person accused of a crime and the accused's criminal defense attorney. 

Types of Assault: Simple and Aggravated

 Although assault is often linked with battery, assault and battery are two different crimes. Assault is generally defined as an intentional threat that causes another person to fear he or she will suffer physical harm and hurt; the victim does not need to be harmed.There are two types of assault charges: simple assault and aggravated assault.

A simple assault charge can be leveled against an individual if he or she has attempted to commit a violent act with the purpose of injury. It can also stem from an act that causes an individual to have reasonable apprehension of being in danger of immediate violent injury.

An aggravated assault charge in Georgia comes when an individual assaults another person:

  • With the intent to murder, rape or rob that individual
  • With a weapon or object that can cause serious bodily harm
  • By discharging a firearm from within a motor vehicle toward another person

Words of threat alone cannot be considered assault and cannot result in an assault charge. For words to be considered assault, the intent and ability to harm the alleged victim must be proven. Preparation and commitment of and for an attack also cannot be considered an assault. The state must prove that the accused took a substantial step toward harming another, and that the alleged victim had a reasonable fear of harm. This can be a felony charge. 

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