Simple & Compound Fractures


Here are two causes for a bone fracture to happen:

  • Traumatic: From a high force impact or stress
  • Pathological: From a medical condition that weakens the bone

The two traumatic types of fractures are frequently seen as a result of a traffic accident. Attorney Greene has seen many accident victims with either of these types of injury, commonly occurring in the wrist or arm, with bicycle, motorcycle and car crashes.

  • Simple Fracture: Frequently called a closed fracture, a simple fracture is a fracture in which the injured bone cracks or breaks but does not pierce the skin.
  • Compound Fracture: A compound fracture is a fracture in which the injured bone sticks through the skin. Also known as an open fracture, a compound fracture can be more serious. Compound fractures frequently require surgery. During surgery doctors will repair the break in the bone as well as the break in the skin and clean out the wound to prevent infection.

If you were involved in a car wreck personal injury where you suffered a simple or compound fracture, contact Attorney Michael Greene.

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Simple & Compound Fracture Defined

Simple & Compound Fracture Defined