Practice Areas

Criminal Defense

Case evaluations of matters involving criminal law are performed with attention to detail and it is critical to start early. Attorney Greene offers affordable payment plans and aims to resolve cases as quickly as possible. Whether to try to have your charges dismissed or reduced or plan to represent you in court.

Theft Crime Defense

In many states, theft is a felony. Attorney Greene specializes in defending clients in Atlanta Georgia against charges of theft. Understanding that theft is a broad and sometimes unwieldy area of law, but Attorney Greene has knowledge of various facets of criminal theft law, and Greene will strive to treat your defense with the utmost personalized attention. Greene can help you avoid conviction, reduce sentencing, or reach a reasonable plea bargain.

DUI Defense

Finding yourself in the middle of an issue pertaining to driving under the influence may warrant legal assistance. Regardless of the specifics of your situation, you can expect Greene to handle matters professionally and aggressively pursue favorable outcomes such as dismissed or reduced charges.

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Drug Crime Defense

The seriousness of the charges demands that you have the best defense attorney specializing in drug offenses. Attorney Greene has worked both in state and federal courts defending clients from charges such as trafficking, possession, conspiracy, and drug manufacturing. The experience of a defense attorney specializing in drug offenses can make a significant contribution to reducing the severity of the punishment associated with that crime. Attorney Greene will make a solid and convincing defense to get a dismissal or reduction of the charges.

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Violent Crimes Defense

An assault charge is a very serious matter that can result in heavy fines and time in jail if you are found guilty. That's why an assault charge must be taken seriously by both the person accused of a crime and the accused's criminal defense attorney. 

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Personal Injury - Car Accidents

Attorney Mike Greene has more than 24 years of experience helping people who have been injured in car accidents receive the maximum compensation they deserve. It is very important to start the corresponding complaint process soon as it is affected by the time factor.

Insurance representatives often offer minor offsets to save money. Attorney Greene will work from your side to help you receive the maximum compensation possible.  

Steps To Take After A Car Accident