DDS Hearings in Atlanta, GA [10 Days To Act]

10 Days To Act or You May Lose Your License

You may lose your driving privileges in two separate hearings in Georgia - the DUI criminal court hearing and the DDS automatic license suspension hearing. Upon being arrested for a DUI or refusing to receive a chemical BAC test your driver's license may be automatically revoked by the arresting officer. It’s not always determined by the outcome of the case. Georgia Department of Driver Services (DDS) may automatically suspend your driver's license shortly after an arrest with a DUI charge.

Why Should I Take Action Within 10 Days

Soon after a license being revoked due to a DUI or refusing a test, you will have 10 days to schedule hearing. The Administrative License Suspension (ALS) will determine if your license will be suspended (which can last between 6 and 18 months) before a DUI charge heads to court. 

Why Should I Schedule an Automatic License Suspension Hearing?

ALS hearings require no proof of guilt and are not determining guilt. The hearings are made to suspend possible drunk drivers before your case is heard. The Georgia DDS conducts a review of evidence against you, but contesting the evidence may help you keep your license. 

DDS Hearing Process
Filing a written request within 10 days can help postpone automatic suspension. The DDS hearing is 30-90 days after a DUI arrest. During that time you can keep your driving privileges. 

You must take action after being arrested for a DUI or the Georgia DDS may automatically suspend your license without giving you a chance to restore your driving privileges. Michael Greene, attorney at law will build a strong case for your DUI charge and help keep your driving privileges.

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DDS Hearings in Atlanta, GA

DDS Hearings in Atlanta, GA