Criminal Defense Lawyer in Atlanta GA

criminal defense lawyer michael greene

Accused of a crime?

As a criminal defense attorney in Atlanta Georgia, the assessment of criminal law matters are conducted with attention to detail and it is important to start early. Michael Greene offers affordable payment plans and will look for cases to be resolved as soon as possible. Michael will work on your behalf to build a strong and compelling case.

Theft Crimes Defense

In many states, theft is a serious crime. Michael can help in defending Georgia clients charged with theft. He understands that theft is a broad area of ‚Äč‚Äčlegislation, and there are complex occasions, but he has knowledge of various facets of criminal law regarding theft. He will do his best to provide your defense with the most personalized attention possible. Michael can help you avoid the sentence or reduce the sentence.

DUI Defense

If you are involved in a legal problem related to driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs in Georgia, you may need legal assistance. Michael will pursue favorable results such as dismissal or reduction of charges.

Drug Crimes Defense

The seriousness of the charges requires that you have the best defense lawyer specialized in drug crimes. Michael has worked in both state and federal courts defending clients on charges such as trafficking, possession, conspiracy and drug manufacturing. The experience of your defense attorney specializing in drug offenses can contribute significantly to reducing the severity of the punishment associated with that crime. Michael will develop a strong and convincing defense to achieve the dismissal or reduction of charges.


Traffic Crimes Defense

Traffic infractions may be minor, such as not signaling a lane change, failure to maintain lane, or serious, such as reckless driving. Michael will work on your side to help resolve it with minimal conflict.

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