Atlanta, Georgia Car Accident Reporting

There are three ways to get a Georgia accident report for your car accident:

  1. You can pick up in person from the law enforcement agency that investigated the accident
  2. You can purchase the report online.
  3. You can have your personal injury lawyer obtain the report for you.

Whenever law enforcement authorities are called to the scene of an accident, they talk to drivers and any witnesses, observe the damage, and prepare an accident report. It can take up to 3-5 business days. The report serves as an objective account of what happened. It will be an important part of the insurance claim process. If police did not come to the scene of the accident, there will not be an accident report.

Getting A Police Report from Local Law Enforcement

If you prefer, you can get your accident report directly from the law enforcement agency that investigated your accident: either the police, the sheriff, or the Georgia State Patrol. Usually, the officer who responded will give you a business card showing the law enforcement agency’s name and sometimes the accident report number. If you are not sure which law enforcement agency prepared the report, you can find out by asking the various law enforcement agencies in the locality where your accident occurred.

  • If the Georgia State Patrol investigated your accident, reports are available from the Patrol post that responded and prepared the report, or by faxing or mailing a written request to the Open Records Unit at the Department of Public Safety.
  • If a city police department investigated your accident, you can usually pick up a copy of the report in person from the department’s records division. There is often a charge of $5. Contact the police department directly for information specific to the city where your accident occurred.
  • If a county sheriff’s office investigated your accident, you can obtain a report from the sheriff’s department, but the procedure for requesting and picking up a report can vary by county. Contact the sheriff’s office or visit their website to find out the proper procedure in the locality that investigated your accident.

A third alternative is to let Attorney Michael Greene handle the whole process for you. Call us for a free case evaluation. There are no fees associated if we take your case unless you win.

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Reporting A Car Accident in Georgia

Reporting A Car Accident in Georgia